FTP, uploading web site files to the webhost server

FTP - Uploading Web Site Files to the Webhost Server

What is my FTP host name?
Your domain name is your host address. If your domain has not yet been changed to the new name servers, you can use the webhost server IP address as host address: for uploading web site files to the webhost server.

What is my Host Directory?
The host directory is: public_html

How do I use Internet Explorer for FTP?
1) Open up a new Internet Explorer Browser Window.
2) In the Address Bar "Address" please type the following replacing "" with your domain name, and "username" with your username:
3) Enter your password when requested, and then press enter.
4) Double Click the folder "public_html"
5) Now go copy your files that you want put into your webspace (right click and select copy) and paste them (right click and select paste) inside the window you have opened. Please remember your main file needs to be called either index.htm OR index.html

What is a User ID, or FTP User Name?
These are other names for your login, or username.

Where should I put my files?
The files go in the public_html directory.

Can I change my login or password?
You can change your password, but not your login.
A new password can be generated in your web hosting control panel.
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